Construction and validation of the interRAI 0-3

The purpose of this study is the construction of the interRAI 0-3 to: 1) improve identification of developmental, behavioural and emotional problems in young children; 2) enhance evidence-informed care planning; and 3) facilitate access to early intervention and individualized, tailored treatment based on the needs of the child and the family. The expected benefit to the partner organization will include cost reduction through improved triaging and prioritization. Collaboration and use of a common language with multi-disciplinary community partners can reduce the overall costs in avoiding the duplication of services. These strategies will contribution to wait list reduction strategies and reduce frustration for families trying to navigate the mental health service system. Data driven decision-making will also provide information for accreditation and program evaluation to support improved mental health for children and their families and ultimately improved service system integration.

Faculty Supervisor:

Shannon Stewart


Yvonne Asare-Bediako


Merrymount Children's Centre




Management of companies and enterprises


Western University



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