Consuming social media services on heterogeneous devices

Social media integration into enterprise-oriented workflows is gaining widespread adoption due to factors such as crowdsourcing and inter-organization collaborations. The partner organization has an existing system that is working for helping Saskatchewan businesses grow by bringing educated youth into the province. Their system is for providing opportunities for people all around the world to live and work in Saskatchewan. Our work will be to re-develop the existing infrastructure in a way that it can be integrated with social media with user generated content. Further, the improved system will be cross-platform independent and can be deployed in a desktop and mobile environments.

The partner organization IIBC will have the results generated by the research. This research could allow the partner organization to broaden out their offerings of products to different mobile devices and better satisfy their customer’s needs.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Ralph Deters


Shomoyita Jamal


International Immigration and Business Consulting


Computer science


Digital media


University of Saskatchewan



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