Consumption of Smartphone Application Traffic Markings


Mobile Network Carriers are currently experiencing data traffic at such high levels that congestion is becoming an increasingly critical problem. These mobile carriers are exploring new methods to reduce congestion. Malicious traffic that is generated by smartphones is an important issue relative to this problem domain. There is even potential for a particularly virulent piece of code to even bring down the network. This research focuses on simplifying the problem of identifying which mobile device applications are generating the problematic traffic for the network carriers’ and integrating this information with the carrier’s existing network-level QoS solutions. This will be done by creating and developing the server-level solution required to consume the marking produced at the mobile device level regarding which applications (or applications classes) are best to shed to mitigate network overloads. As such, this solution will act as the interface between the existing carrier-level QoS solutions and the mobile device application-level network traffic marking process (to be developed under a separate but relative MITACs Internship). As part of the University of Victoria’s Entrepreneurial Engineering Masters Program, I will work closely with experts from Wesley Clover and the Alacrity Foundation with the intention of providing research that at the end-ofthe- day can be deployed to address this emerging carrier-level critical mobile device concern.

Faculty Supervisor:

Thomas Darcie


David Yarish



Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


University of Victoria



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