Control of Modular Multilevel Converters for Specialized Functions

Modern power systems wherein renewable energy sources are prevalent will exhibit larger frequency deviations than conventional power systems due to the diluted share of conventional generation based upon large electric machines with massive spinning rotors. To combat this, power-electronic converters that are used to interface renewable sources need to provide ancillary, such as frequency support and inertia emulation. This research will investigate this functionality for a class of power-electronic converters, namely modular multilevel converters. This is done by judicious adjustment of an internal current component within an MMC that is otherwise eliminated. The proposed research adopts a approach that includes analysis, computer simulation, and hardware-based real-time simulation to ensure that its solutions are well-assessed and are applicable in practical applications.

Faculty Supervisor:

Shaahin Filizadeh


Jessie Lapsley


RTDS Technologies Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical






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