Controlled release of analgesics for opioid-free post-operative pain control

Amacathera Inc. has developed a novel, injectable, hydrogel platform technology that extends the release of drugs over time in the body. The company’s lead program is targeted at pain relief following surgery. They have combined their hydrogel with an anesthetic in order to provide pain relief for up to 72 hours. This eliminates the need for the prescription of opioids, as well as reduces patient healthcare costs to the hospital. In this project, the intern will work with the hydrogel to conduct experiments to 1) provide further proof that the hydrogel is able to release the anesthetics for 72 hours and 2) develop new formulations of the hydrogel which will further increase the length of release for other drugs, for example, a release of 1 month. Amacathera Inc. will use the information in its initial meeting with the FDA and to enter into phase 1 clinical trials, as well as to expand its product portfolio and disease areas.

Faculty Supervisor:

Michael Sefton


Anup Tuladhar




Engineering - biomedical


Medical devices




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