Convergence of Agile and DevOps in ENCQOR 5G Software Development

This project develops a new project management method for software development targeting next-generation network providing unprecedented quality of cellular service to Canadians and small and medium businesses, stimulating innovations and improving the quality of life of our people. Relying on the ENCQOR infrastructure, which is the first 5G network in Canada supported by three governments (Quebec, Ontario, and Canada), the outcomes of this research project will contribute substantially to the progress of the Canadian information and communication technologies industry. The proposed research project used as the building blocks for a new class of Ciena’s network solutions, which will be offered to many world-class operators.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mohamed Cheriet;Kim Khoa Nguyen


Hamza Benzerrouk


Ciena Corp.


Engineering - other


Information and cultural industries


École de technologie supérieure



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