Cooperative Wireless Cellular Networks: System Design, Analysis and Simulation

The ever growing market demands for higher data rates and more reliable communication are the main drivers behind the technological growth in the wireless telecommunications industry. This R&D project aims to address an innovative technological shift from conventional wireless cellular networks to a paradigm of cooperative cellular networks that can potentially provide multiple-fold improvements in terms of the total data rates.

SIRADEL, as the end user of the proposed research project, will gain a clear vision on the design and performance of the cooperative cellular networks. This project will further extend SIRADEL’s network planning tools and enable the company to develop reliable and realistic business and technological shift roadmaps for its customers.

The proposed project also represents an investment in Ontario for novel technological shifts in the telecom industry. This is of strategic value to Ontario as the province currently generates 50% of Canada's revenue in the ICT sector.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Wei Yu


Behrouz Khoshnevis



Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


University of Toronto



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