Cortical Changes Linked to Semantic Integration

In this project, we will use computerized games to teach second language material to adults. We will use neuroimaging and eye-tracking (a measurement of a person’s eye movements, which can provide information about reading and the processing of language). Adult learners will complete a 5-day game-based second language-training program. Their brain activity and eye movements will be monitored while they perform reading and auditory language tasks, before and after training. We are interested in whether the people can successfully learn new language material, how their brain activity changes over the course of learning second language material and if they are able to generalize newly acquired second language knowledge. If the participants are successful, we expect to see changes in their behaviour and brain activity that reflect their ability to process second language content.

Faculty Supervisor:

Aaron Newman


Kiera O’Neil






Dalhousie University


Globalink Research Award

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