COVID19 and Disclosure of Risk in Energy Exposed Sectors

COVID19 has accelerated shifts in the global energy market such that energy companies and banks may be impacted in the medium to long term. At the same time, the decarbonization of the world’s highest carbon sectors present opportunities for alternative energy carriers. For investors and policy makers it is important to understand the scope and scale of these potential changes both from the point of view of individual companies as well as entire sectors. In turn, this presents an opportunity to identify capital investment flows aligned with decarbonization through these new energy carriers. This project aims to develop novel and scalable ways to understand financial trends by analyzing current economic factors – financial data, annual reports, forecast reports, as well as various developing events focused on carbon-based and alternative energy sources. To do so, we will first leverage and fine tune state-of-the-art tools in text mining and natural language processing to automate information extraction steps performed manually by human experts, contributing domain-specific corpora and resources for the research community.

Faculty Supervisor:

Denilson Barbosa


Ningyuan Pei


Analytica Advisors


Computer science


Management of companies and enterprises


University of Alberta



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