Creating a machine learning model to predict activity in playgrounds across North America

Biba is a company that creates interactive experiences for families on playgrounds and provides data for playground owners. This research project explores how can we leverage third party data sources and machine learning to confidently determine how many people are in a playground at a given time and how long they spent there. This kind of information is critical for park and playground stakeholders, and if we can solve this problem, Biba would be the first company to be able to produce an industry metric of this kind. Using our own app data along with various third party sources we are looking for some data scientists to plan, preprocess and train machine learning models to begin making high-confidence predictions for communities. Interns on the product will be contributing to an effectively state-of-the-art data product for the parks and recreation space.

Faculty Supervisor:

Fred Popowich


Anchal Jain;Abhishek Sundar Raman




Computer science


Information and cultural industries


Simon Fraser University



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