Creating a platform to collect / publish / analyze / control communication data streams

The NSERC Strategic Network for Smart Applications on Virtual Infrastructures is a five-year partnership between Canadian industry, universities, researchers, research and education  (R&E) networks, and high performance computing centres to investigate the design of future application platforms that will deliver software applications of greater capability and intelligence. These application platforms will be supported by an extended computing cloud, encompassing a virtual converged infrastructure and control software that also serves as a live testbed for exploring novel concepts in application-oriented networking, cloud computing, integrated wired/wireless access, and smart applications. Novel software applications will build on advanced services provided by the platform, including context, mobility, location, identity, social network, media recognition, and intelligence. The SAVI network will involve the academic community in the creation of new content and novel applications.  This MITACS proposal is to support a SAVI internship program that will strengthen the Canadian industrial base in information and communications technology through the preparation of highly qualified manpower with expertise in the design and operation of globally competitive ICT infrastructure and the creation of innovative and disruptive products, services, and applications. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Alberto Leon-Garcia


Sanam Sadr, Sai Qian Zhang, Ali Shariat




Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


University of Toronto



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