Creating moments for shoppers: Impact of time on effectiveness of notifications

Over the last recent years, internet usage through mobile devices has grown rapidly and today, majority of the online traffic is coming from mobiles. This means that most of the time, a user uses his/her mobile to view the retailer website, review items or finish a purchase. Accord ingly, reta ilers have come to the idea of building a platform that would engage and re-engage users through pushing notification. However, there are multiple factors such as time of a day that a retailer would takes into account to send out notific.ation. A retailer requires to carefully analyze its users to avoid sending out spammy notifications. In this project, we aim to design a model that would recommend an optimal time to reach out different users in order to most effectively engage them.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sara Mostafavi


Farnush Farhadi Hassan Kiadeh


Mobify Research and Development Inc


Statistics / Actuarial sciences


Information and communications technologies




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