Dam Seepage Monitoring using Distributed Optical Fiber Sensing

The safe operation of a dam, such as Mactaquac, necessitates regular integrity monitoring over the structure lifespan. Optical fiber temperature sensing can provide seepage monitoring throughout a dam structure providing the operator with location specific seepage rates. Since the monitoring will be continuous over time and potentially operate over the lifespan of the dam operators can identify trends and evaluate repair effectiveness. The intern will be upgrading an existing laboratory instrument suite which will include calibration of the temperature measurements followed by installation of the sensor system at the dam site. Adapting the instrument suite for remote control through the internet as well as collecting temperature data from previously installed optical fiber sensing cables will be conducted. With several months of data collected, particularly including seasonal temperature changes, the intern will evaluate the data for seasonal dependent changes.

Faculty Supervisor:

Bruce Colpitts


James McMurtrie


New Brunswick Power


Engineering - computer / electrical






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