Data use for HIV Prevention in Malawi

HIV prevention is a growing, and essential facet, of halting the HIV epidemic. Reducing the transmission of HIV and ensuring individuals are tested and put on antiretroviral therapy (ART) cannot effectively and efficiently be accomplished without decisions that are founded on high-quality evidence. Current projects focus on data availability and use among decision-makers and actors in the health sector, in an effort to understand barriers to data use and encourage decision-making that is founded on high quality evidence. The data user study aims to addresses these challenges, by increasing our understanding of who uses data, the data elements and systems they use to make decisions and what gaps and bottlenecks exist that disincentivize the use of data.
The work the interns will be doing is foundational in the success of the projects and Cooper/Smith’s work, as it assists with program design and monitoring and evaluation to amend and adapt our programs effectiveness moving forward. This work also provides a baseline for our sample population, so we have an understanding of the impact the work is having throughout implementation. Their communications outputs will also assist Cooper/Smith in raising awareness about our innovative work, and informing partners of progress and findings.

Faculty Supervisor:

Christine Stich


Raveeshma Nathali Gunawardena;Deborah Chan


Cooper Smith


Epidemiology / Public health and policy


Professional, scientific and technical services


McGill University



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