Decision Support for Database Administrators using Warehouse-as-a-Service (DSDAware)

In the new technological era, an immense volume of data is generated every moment from a variety of sources that need to be filtered and stored securely. Database administrators (DBA) are facing increasing pressure to ensure higher performance and reliability for database management systems (DBMS). A new generation of management tools and service-based interfaces are needed to assist the DBAs with expert information and knowledge gathered from analysis of the monitoring data stored in large data warehouses and from experience reports of the DBAs of the legacy mainframe DBMSs. The proposed research, Decision Support for Database Administrators using Warehouse-as-a-Service (DSDAware), will investigate the challenges in storing and analyzing management data in the warehouse and providing a Web-based decision support service for the mainframe DBAs. The project is envisaged to contribute to CA’s Mainframe 2.0 initiative and to general provisioning of expert information for any administrative system in Ontario.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Patrick Martin


Farhana Zulkernine


CA Canada Company


Computer science


Information and communications technologies


Queen's University



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