Deep Language models for Visual analytics of diversity and inclusion

The project will build an Artificial Intelligence-powered Bias Detection tool to identify bias and discrimination faced by employees of a company. The tool will take in free-text content from employee surveys, internal reviews and social media, and produce a score indicating whether the author of the content is likely facing or exhibiting bias. Algorithms will be trained to recognize bias against women, ethnic & cultural minorities, LGBTQ2+ folks, individuals with disabilities, and other special groups. The tool will help companies in improving their diversity and inclusion practices, and investors in focussing their funds on companies with a strong diversity and inclusion record. The results of the project will help Diversio achieve and maintain world-class status in this emerging IT industry sector.

Faculty Supervisor:

Evangelos Milios


Maksym Taranukhin




Computer science


Professional, scientific and technical services


Dalhousie University



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