Deep-Learning for Distributed Intelligent Systems with Applications in Robotics and Computer Vision

Agile manufacturing via adaptive robots is the provision of Industry 4.0 for advanced manufacturing that enables more efficient, lean and cost-effective production. It is considered to be the ultimate solution for mass customization of many manufacturing industries such as aerospace industry hindered by their heavy reliance on manual labor. The current practice of programming a robot for every specific task is limited, if not futile, in the many manufacturing industries. In Industry 4.0, robots are intelligent, highly adaptive and can be trained to handle different equipment, tools, products and materials without a need for explicit programming. The proposed project investigates the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning methods to distributed systems consisting of a vision-based coordinate measurement system and industrial robotic arms used in highly automated manufacturing settings. These research results will be verified by the application of the proposed methods to several use cases in production, assembly and quality inspection.

Faculty Supervisor:

Homayoun Najjaran


Aria Salari


Vancouver Computer Vision Ltd




Professional, scientific and technical services


University of British Columbia Okanagan



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