Deep Learning Inspired Profiling, Predictive Analytics and Optimization of Employee Schedules

Celayix provides employee scheduling services across various types of industries throughout North America. They are one of the leading providers of machine learning based solutions across multiple verticals for companies that range in size from small, medium to large. They would like to maintain their lead with the help of this research and development project over next five years. Celayix would like to distinguish itself by identifying strengths of the employee pool and maximize their potential. The profiling of employees and shifts will help the managers understand their personnel and needs better by fine-tuning the existing machine learning by adapting the feedback. Adding explanation of the proposed scheduling assignments will make the proposed system more trustworthy. Use of transfer learning will help new companies derive benefits of the Celayix’s cumulative experience. Finally, an automated AI scheduling that allows the managers to optimize different objectives will make Celayix a must-have human resource solution. Celayix derives its business not only from helping Canadian companies, but from US-based organizations. A leading-edge software will further increase their export revenue not just from USA but the world.

Faculty Supervisor:

Pawan Lingras;Jiguo Cao


Fabian Vaniyamveetil Reginold




Computer science


Information and cultural industries




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