DeepCity is a strategy game initially for iOS, Android and desktop that is set in a strange, fascinating near future of mega-storms and scarcity. The goal: Survive. Defend. Regenerate. DeepCity advances concepts of resilience, urban ecology, sustainable futures, and systems-thinking within urban environments for players. The DeepCity prototype research project will provide the student with an opportunity to be creatively engaged in researching and making a new game for change, benefitting from mentorship and collaboration with accomplished industry professionals and academic researchers. While collaborating on design and programming of the game prototype, the intern will focus on the research question, how does sustainable systems research and urban resilience design practice translate into a game, and what is an effective way to integrate this thinking into the game design and development process? Evergreen CityWorks will benefit from the project through the advancement of DeepCity game research and development, to make an effective and popular game that can serve to expand the public understanding of urban resilience problems and solutions.

Faculty Supervisor:

Emma Westecott


Hector Garcia




Interactive arts and technology




OCAD University



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