Defining and measuring responsible gambling behaviour: National validation of the Positive Play Scale

The recently developed Positive Play Scale (PPS; Wood, Wohl, Tabri, & Philander, 2017) is the first ever questionnaire that can evaluate responsible gambling (RG) beliefs (e.g., knowing the odds of games) and behaviours (e.g., monitoring time and money spent gambling) amongst players. Importantly, however, the PPS was initially developed using exploratory statistical methods and with samples of players residing in British Columbia. That said, the first objective of the proposed research is to examine whether the PPS is a valid measure using confirmatory statistical methods with samples of players from all Canadian jurisdictions (i.e., provinces/territories). The second objective is to establish high/medium/low cut-off scores for the PPS based on the Canadian national sample. The findings will be instrumental in helping gambling operators to more effectively develop and evaluate the outcomes of their RG programming (e.g., educating players about the odds of success) for their player base.

Faculty Supervisor:

Michael Wohl


Nassim Tabri


GamRes Limited




Digital media




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