Defining SDN protocols to enable Orchestration of Service Provision across Multiple Optical Transport Networks

The primary goal of the intern project is to research and propose implementations that enable streamlining the APP (application layer) interface to flow through the SDN layered model. The target solution would enable a SDN-standardized approach of handling the APP communication with the data plane. It involves developing an Application plug-in for the Open Day Light (ODL) software, adding necessary support at Layer 1 to increase the North Bound Interface (NBI) and South Bound Interface (SBI) count, and to implement the required intelligence in the ProNX BTI Management & Control Software ( DS0048.pdf). This new approach will be capable of handling multiple SDN networks with a common master SDN controller.

Faculty Supervisor:

Thomas Kunz


Karpakamurthy Muthukumar


BTI Systems Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


Carleton University



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