Deloitte IP Factory: dTRAX Contract Management

Manual contract analysis and management is a laborious task. dTrax is Deloitte’s managed solution to this problem—it uses machine learning to automate the arduous contract management process and help users gain further insight from contracts. Specifically, dTrax will be used to standardize the intake of legal contracts, generate and edit contracts within a web interface, and identify and monitor changes in contracts. The proposed research project aims to improve dTrax by automating contract checking and analysis. This includes categorizing sections of a contract into clauses, determining whether the clauses satisfy predetermined requirements, and identifying risky clauses in contracts. Through this research, Deloitte will be able to bring tangible economic value to the legal sector, which can translate into improved decisions by companies trying to enter a legal agreement.

Faculty Supervisor:

Qiang Sun


Christine Yuen




Computer science


Information and communications technologies




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