Dental Resin Composites based on Bile Acid Monomers

Current commercially available dental resin composites use the monomer BisGMA that uses a toxic bisphenol A (BPA) as the starting material, causing potential environmental and health problems. We aim at replacing BPA with bile acids, natural compounds in the new synthesis of new dental monomers. We are also making new inorganic fillers that provide the strength of the material. The latter is the area of expertise of our collaborators at Donghua University. In order to obtain a commercially viable composite, we will collaborate with the group of Prof Meifang Zhu to exchange knowledge to the mutual benefit of both groups. We will acquire some of their insight and expertise into the intricacies of dental filler synthesis and preparation. At the end of this project, we will have a commercialization-ready dental resin composite that is better than currently available commercial products, showing improved biocompatibility.

Faculty Supervisor:

Julian Zhu


Eric Habib






Université de Montréal


Globalink Research Award

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