Design An Impact Diverting Helmet


The aim of this proposal is to study head impact and improve the design of helmets. Prior to design a helmet with better shock diverting system, it is important to test the existing helmets to understand their pros and cons. These experiments are also beneficial for comparing the results of the new design with the other designs. The conventional helmets have an outer shell which is fixed relative to the liner. In the proposed design, a shield is mounted on the top of the rigid outer shell. The shield holds the outer shell firmly in place but when a shock exceeds a defined limit it is able to move accordingly relative to the outer shell.  The design is effective in most of the situations to reduce the severity of the shock load and reduce the risk of injury of the brain and neck. Due to the partnership with Innovata Lab, the probability of success in generating and transferring new knowledge and technologies in helmet design is significantly enhanced.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Farid Golnaraghi


Iman Ebrahimi


Innovata Labs






Simon Fraser University



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