Design Analytics and Design Reporting Tools

Design data is broadened beyond specifying built-environments to support evidence-based decision-making in the early phases of design. For using data, designers usually rely on specialized data visualizations. There is a need for interfaces specifically tailored for reporting designs with their form and performance data to and for seeking feedback from the other stakeholders who are not directly involved in design. Given their diversity and complexity of the design data, such interfaces are hard to develop. This project aims to identify, develop, and validate practical key features of data analytics interfaces for sharing design alternatives with the design stakeholders to support online group decision-making. These interfaces will become part of a platform for data-driven design exploration. This combines the fields of visual analytics and design, which we call design analytics. Using Design-through-Research with use-case driven software development methods, the project will demonstrate use of design analytics in group decision-making in design workflow.

Faculty Supervisor:

Halil Erhan;Robert Woodbury


Osama Alsalman


Stantec Consulting


Interactive arts and technology



Simon Fraser University



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