Design Analytics Interface for Generative Design

Generative design involves creating a large number of design alternatives. It is emerging as a frequently used computational design paradigm in exploring alternative designs. The practical use of generative design demands evaluating the alternatives generated using their form and performance data. We propose to further develop DesignSense, a design (data) analytics tool from the Computational Design Lab and experiment with its use during generative design workflows at Perkins and Will. The MITACS intern will work with the architects and computational designers at the industry partner in to identify, develop, and validate practical new key features for DesignSense for navigating through and analyzing design data. The outcome of the projects will include demonstration of design analytics software used in generative design along with assessment of their impact in the design practices of built-environments.

Faculty Supervisor:

Halil Erhan;Robert Woodbury


Ahmed Abu Zuraiq


Perkins+Will Canada


Interactive arts and technology


Professional, scientific and technical services


Simon Fraser University



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