Design Analytics

Architectural design data have mostly been limited to visual representations, specifications and contractual documents. Today, design firms generate vastly more and diverse data, but lack adequate access to tools to gain insight from such data. Yet the field of “visual analytics” provides concepts and systems exactly for working with such data. The proposed research aims at the visualization and analytics of design data, that is, collections of designs, their alternatives, project documentation, and other data collected from buildings and their settings. These data collections contain both geometric design data, and large amounts of numeric and textual data in both structured and unstructured form, describing processes, contracts and design performance. We will devise, and evaluate prototype computational tools for mapping data onto geometric design representations and vice versa. Our work combines the fields of visual analytics and design, which combination we call “design analytics.”

Faculty Supervisor:

Robert Woodbury


Ahmed Abu Zuraiq





Information and communications technologies




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