Design and Development of a High-Resolution Sensory System for Detection of Biogenic Signals – Year Two

The main focus of this project will be conducting research and developing novel sensory systems to be used in various agricultural environments. The proposed research project also involves development of interpretation algorithms and data-mining software. Ecoation Innovative Solutions (EIS) developed a technology that monitor and interpret different plant signal patterns. The objectives of the proposed project are to (i) discover the optimum architecture of EIS sensory systems given the specific functional requirements and (ii) determine the best practices for signal processing and filtration to minimize signal/noise ratio. In BC, damage by pests alone costs producers approximately $22 million each year. EIS system can locate the problem on individual plants at early stages before it becomes visible to the naked eye, potentially reducing pest management costs and minimizing crop loss. If EIS system prevents crop loss due to pests alone, just in BC, it can save growers $20 million each year.

Faculty Supervisor:

Shahriar Mirabbasi


Pouya Kamalinejad


Ecoation Innovative Solutions Inc


Engineering - computer / electrical


Environmental industry


University of British Columbia



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