Design and Development of a Mobile-based Medical Image Archiving System for Skin Cancer Screening

This project will help to design and develop the user interface and an image picture archiving and communication system (PACS) for mobile teledermatology for use in an application of skin imaging. This will enable both patients and specialists to acquire, archive and manage dermatological images for further diagnosis, triage and follow-up purposes. The project goals are to design, implement and evaluate the app interface of the new “MoleScope” dermoscope which attaches to a smartphone camera, in order to acquire and store images. One aspect of this interface is to provide a 2D body-map for users to locate the imaged lesions on the body for future follow-up. Also, this project will design and implement the desktop web-based interface for the specialist to evaluate acquired mole images (the clinical software). This requires implementing the communication module which will interact with a patient electronic management system.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. M. Stella Atkins


Bardia Mohabbati


MetaOptima Technology Inc.


Computer science


Life sciences


Simon Fraser University



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