Design and Development of a Secure and Reliable Online Platform for Real-Estate Transactions

The primary objective of the project is to investigate, design and prototype a secure and reliable online tool that enables real-estate buyers to pay deposits on real-estate transactions electronically via credit or debit card. In addition, it will allow real-estate brokers to log in and view transaction statistics. The tool will provide a user friendly online form to accept buyer’s input from any devices (laptops/desktops/tablets/smartphones). The buyer data will be sent to the ExactDeposit server for further processing. The credit card and brokerage information will be sent to a 3rd party gateway for payment processing once the data filtering has been completed. This system will give the realestate buyer – a secure, yet simple and flexible means of sending deposit funds and give participating brokerages the ability access transaction statistics. The project will be a crucial part in the partner organization’s road to commercialization of the product. The proposal has the potential to train valuable HQP in the areas of software integration technologies and cutting edge research in secure and reliable communication protocols.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Srinivas (Srini) Sampalli


Saurabh Dey & Deepika Agarwal


Exact Deposit Inc.


Computer science


Information and communications technologies


Dalhousie University



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