Design and development of helical pile testing apparatus

This research will focus on designing an apparatus and developing a testing protocol for determining the capacity of helical piles in collaboration with Stable Ground Solutions. A helical pile is a type of deep foundation that consists of a shaft and helix or multiple helices. The testing of piles can be expensive and time consuming using current standard testing methods. There is also a lack of research and publications focused on helical piles and therefore they are not commonly used. This project will deliver a detailed design of the apparatus for the industry to fabricate the prototype. The proposed technology will allow the industry to conduct safe, timely and efficient tests on soils. Stable Ground Solutions will commercialize the apparatus as a tool for engineers to obtain the bearing capacity of soils using helical piles.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sumi Siddiqua


Muhammad Umair Khan


Stable Ground Solutions




Construction and infrastructure




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