Design and development of techniques to characterize optical, mechanical and chemical properties of metallic and semiconductor thin films with applications in MEMS structures and their packaging

Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) are complex systems with sizes in the range of few microns (human hair has thickness of 150-200 microns) which have both mechanical and electronic components. MEMS technology has entered in many industries such as optical technology, point of care diagnostics, telecommunications, automotive, and military. Today, there are hundreds of MEMS devices, e.g. microscale gyroscopes and accelerometers, used in cars to control different components, including wheels, brakes, steering, and air bags. Although MEMS have been around for a few decades, there are still some fundamental issues related to the thin films and suspended components, vital to devices performances, that must be resolved. Packaging of MEMS is also a very challenging task given that the packaging techniques vary from one device to another. It is the purpose of this study to evaluate critical of MEMS elements, specifically thin films used in their structures and packaging.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mojtaba Kahrizi


Parsoua Abedinisohi


Centre de Collaboration MiQro Innovation


Engineering - computer / electrical




Concordia University



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