Design and Fabrication of a dynamic heater on thermochromic PVC with inkjet-printing of silver ink

This proposal introduces a novel approach for designing and fabricating a low-cost and low-power heater for a dynamic thermochromic polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film. Thermochromic PVC has a reversible color change by a temperature variation and has applications in buildings. In order to have a dynamic thermochromic PVC, a heater is needed, that can be realized by inkjet-printing of a series heater pattern. Ink-substrate interactions, substrate properties, and electrical characteristics of the printed ink on the substrate are important factors for designing the heater pattern, which will be systematically characterized in the first and second steps of this project. Finally, the acquired understandings of these two steps will be used for designing and implementing the dynamic heater. The final porotype, has the ability to change its color dynamically. Thus the industrial partner can use this findings for producing a dynamic thermochromic PVC.

Faculty Supervisor:

William S. Wong


Mohammad Nouri


Pixiu Solutions


Engineering - computer / electrical




University of Waterloo



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