Design and implementation of wideband and low-side-lobe-level antenna array in LTCC technology for automotive millimeter-wave radar sensor applications

This project is a collaboration between MMSENSE Technologies and the Centre for Intelligent Antenna and Radio Systems (CIARS) at the University of Waterloo to research, investigate, and design an integrated radar module at millimeter-waves. These sensors, which will be utilized in automotive applications such as forward collision alert, rear traffic crossing alert, blind spot detection, bike, motorbike, and pedestrian detection, require a wide field of view, operation from near range of 30 cm to about 300 m as well as high resolution in distance and angle measurements with scanning of the traffic scene. To address these technical requirements, a planar wideband antenna array in LTCC will be designed to be utilized in the automotive radar sensor technology. MMSENSE Technologies is currently developing products in millimeter wave band for sensing and communication markets and this project will resolve some of the challenges they have encountered in this area. It will help MMSENSE Technologies to stay competitive and develop efficient products for emerging automotive applications

Faculty Supervisor:

Safieddin Safavi-Naeini


Armaghan Eshaghi


MMsense Technologies


Engineering - computer / electrical


Advanced manufacturing


University of Waterloo



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