Design and Prove RightsEnforcer Cross-Platform Development Strategy and SDE

RightsEnforcer is a software system for Persistent Document Security, deployed and proven in the real world as a Windows-only client-server system. ‘Persistent’ information security controls access to the protected document, everywhere, always, and is therefore uniquely suited to be a dominant information security technology in ‘the Cloud’. But to thrive in the Cloud the RightsEnforcer client (more or less ‘end user app’) must be multi- or cross-platform, i.e. the end user component must run and offer almost identical functionality on all the popular end user devices, including those running operating systems iOS and Android. Therefore, the intern of this project will be responsible to develop the mobile clients of RightsEnforcer that can run on iOS and Android. During the development, the intern needs to solve several challenges including how to wrap/unwrap data via AES algorithm, how to coordinate multiple devices for tracking the uses of sensitive data, and how to write reusable and compatible cross-platform codes. The partners will get an cross-platform software with good user experience that can run on iOS and Android devices. They can use these approaches to replenish their products line and refine the current solution to make it hit the market.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ralph Deters


Xiaodan Li


Environmental Instruments Canada Inc.


Computer science


Information and communications technologies


University of Saskatchewan



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