Design and validation of a novel peptide immunotherapeutic for the treatment of dog allergies

Adiga Life Sciences Inc. developed a novel immunotherapeutic platform in which small components (peptides) of allergen proteins are identified and administered in a regimen that causes immune cells to become non-responsive towards the allergens. In a phase II clinical trial, the cat allergy treatment developed by Adiga using this platform reduced allergic symptoms in allergic subjects. However, the mechanism of action of the peptide treatment is still not fully understood. During this project, relevant peptides from dog allergens will be identified and assessed for the ability to ameliorate dog allergy. In addition, samples collected from the clinical trials will be assessed to identify how the treatment works and affects immune cells. This project will therefore lead to the production of a new allergen immunotherapeutic and identify a mechanism(s) of action. This will increase our understanding of immunotherapy and potentially identify new targets and biomarkers for the treatment of allergic diseases.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mark Larche


Rebekah Sherburn


Adiga Life Science Inc.




Life sciences


McMaster University



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