Design Automation and Optimization Using Artificial Intelligence

The goal of our proposal is to develop three automated processes in the field of construction using artificial intelligence. The first process is to develop a method that can convert two-dimensional drawings into three-dimensional models that can be further manipulated on a computer. The second process is to optimize the cutting of raw materials– such as panels and stiffeners– to reduce the overall wastage, as well as optimize the transportation process of these materials to the resulting construction site. The third process is to design a method that can ensure objective and accurate calculation of costs for construction projects based on the multiple parameters included in the design. This project is situated at a Manitoba-based construction firm, Greenstone Solutions. The benefits to the company will include reductions in manufacturing time, costs, and wastage, which will result in increased productivity, efficiency, and reputation.

Faculty Supervisor:

Vijay Mago;Pawan Lingras;Muntasir Billah


Andrew Fisher


Greenstone Building Products


Computer science


Construction and infrastructure




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