Design, implementation and evaluation of the prototype for power management in data centres

The project is intended to develop, implement and evaluate a power management solution applicable to data centres. The solution must not require installation of custom software components onto the individual servers. This constraint goes against current solutions which install bespoke software on the servers for the power management solution to function effectively. The solution will have to provide perceivable power savings without loss in the service quality©two conficting goals. Innovative algorithms and policies must therefore, be developed. Giver the absence of custom software executing on the servers, novel methods are also necessary to obtain information about server utilization, which is the governing factor for power management policy decisions. In simple terms, our solution needs to provide plug-and-playcapability and it should be possible to install it in the data centre with little or no disruption of service. A plug-and-play solution holds enormous potential for commercialization. The prototype solution will be developed in collaboration with Aaron Rallo Consulting who bring in first hand industry experience, domain expertise and the infrastructure to test our solution.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Alexandra Fedorova


Ananth Narayan S.


Aaron Rallo Consulting


Computer science


Information and communications technologies


Simon Fraser University



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