Design of co-channel interference mitigation techniques through a novel radio over cable (RoC) architecture proposed for enhanced indoor performance of femtocell networks

Wireless communication devices have become an essential part of our lives and new ubiquitous applications are evolving rapidly. The spectrum of wireless links is limited and its efficient utilization via smart technology is very crucial to fulfill the ever increasing demand. Femtocell using a low-power home base station is a promising technique for serving indoor quasi-immobile users. It has the potential to provide better coverage and increased data rate to indoor users and to support more users/services by offloading the major traffic from the macrocell to the underlay femtocells. Due to reuse of the same spectrum in both tiers, mitigating interference is an extremely important challenge to make femtocell’s promise a reality. We seek to investigate a novel radio over cable (RoC) network architecture to cope with this vital challenge in the proposed research, which benefits Ontario’s telecommunications sectors by efficient use of limited spectrum resources to upgrade networks capacity.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Pin-Han Ho


Khalim Amjad Meerja



Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


University of Waterloo



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