Design of High-performance LDPC-based Forward Error Correction Codes for Fiber Optic Communications Systems

As time goes on, we observe a significant growth for the high-speed error-free communication systems. This requires that the optical networks, as the major carrier for data transmission, increase their capacity to meet the current needs of the telecommunication industry. Forward error-correcting (FEC) codes, as the most effective solution to enhance the quality and reliability of data transmission, have been adopted in optical communication systems. Low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes, as a type of FEC codes, have been widely used in fiber-optic channels, due to their capacity-achieving properties. Spatially coupled (SC)-LDPC codes, as a subclass of LDPC codes, have been recently introduced and emerged as an excellent choice for the next generation of optical communication systems. In this project, we address current challenges in the application of SC-LDPC codes for the optical channels. To this end, we analyze the performance of SC-LDPC codes and propose new techniques for the design of high-performance SC-LDPC codes with a very low error rate. This in turn will result in more advanced highly efficient communication devices and networks, on which the society relies now more than ever.

Faculty Supervisor:

Amir Banihashemi


Sima Naseri




Engineering - computer / electrical


Professional, scientific and technical services


Carleton University


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