Designing a Usable Software Lifecycle Traceability Language Part 2

Teams of specialized workers develop most software. For example, one team may specialize in the requirements that describe what the software is to do. Another team may specialize in producing the software itself. Yet another team may specialize in determining whether the software meets the desired requirements. Supporting communication between all these teams is challenging: each team is focusing on their part of the system, yet needs to have awareness of the work being performed by other teams.
This project (continuing from part 1) investigates appropriate mechanisms for providing developers access to software lifecycle information through a natural language interface. New knowledge gained from interaction and usage of the natural language interface may help the organization plan future product offerings and will potentially help improve the productivity of its own developers through increased visibility into software lifecycle information.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ivan Beschastnikh


Sam Creed


Tasktop Technologies


Computer science


Information and communications technologies


University of British Columbia



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