Designing a virtual gym with innovative grammar recognition to develop an individualized exercise platform for older adults

Virtial-Gym motion-tracking-based system to exercise regularly and safely at home, guided by the expertise of physical therapists who can remotely monitor their clients’ progress. The innovative exercise grammar that therapists can use to describe personalised exercise regimens for their clients. The therapist’s exercise specification generates a coach avatar demonstration to the client, monitors the movements to provide specific feedback to correct the posture in real-time.
This proposal aims to extend the current Virtial-Gym version with a game user-interaction model: instead of a coach demonstrating the exercise, the user will have to move to interact with game-scene elements according to gameplay mechanics. The three phases proposal is to: (a) extending the grammar to include the specification of personal gameplay mechanics; (b) transforming the coach demonstration into the gameplay scene; and (c) evaluating the resulting Virtial-Gym in terms of whether it is more enjoyable and potentially more cognitively challenging than the original.

Faculty Supervisor:

Eleni Stroulia


Victor Fernández Cervantes


20197382 Alberta Ltd.


Computer science



University of Alberta



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