Designing Criteria to Visualize Energy and Reduce Energy Consumptions

Because of pollution and climate change, reducing the use of energy produced using fossil fuels is a priority in the next few years. To reach the goal actions need to be taken such as increasing energy production using renewable sources and reducing consumptions. To save energy people should be aware of the energy they are using and adapt the demand of power to the offer of renewable energy. Therefore, an awareness of the use of energy and in demanding it at the right time is needed. Devices and artifacts can involve the users to accomplish these needs. With our project, we aim to explore and define guidelines to design user interfaces that provide suggestions on best habits on energy saving to the consumer. User interfaces and devices should be able to involve and influence users to follow energy saving suggestions while also maintaining their quality of life. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Jamie Blustein


Nicola Di Matteo


Sunreport IT


Computer science



Dalhousie University



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