Designing Social Games to Maximize Engagement and Healthy Living


Ignite play is developing a social media package which will make healthier living more fun and easier. An important component of this package is social game and reward system that encourages users to make changes in their lifestyle. This project will involve the development of a game design (in terms of prototype or series of prototypes) which will help:
1. Attract and engage users,

2. promote virality (spread to other users),

3. promote stickiness (ability to sustain users),

4. provide incentives for people to engage in healthier behaviours, and

5. foster a sense of community.

This design will be validated through user feedback. The outcome will be a design document for the final production of the game that will be developed and published by IgnitePlay.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Magy Seif El-Nasr


Natalie Funk




Interactive arts and technology


Digital media


Simon Fraser University



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