Detection, Management and Prevention of Malicious Traffic and Cyber Attacks using BYOS

Cybersecurity has continued to dominate the strategic priorities of businesses, governments and industries worldwide. A recent report from the Kaspersky lab estimates the total number of online global malicious acitivities to have exceeded 700 million annually. There is an urgent need to develop mechanisms for the rapid identification and management of threats and malicious traffic, and the preventiion of cyber attacks on corporate networks, infrastructure and personal devices.
Mkit Security Solutions is engaged in the design and development of network threat detection, alert and prevention systems that continuously monitor network traffic for attack signatures and filter malicious traffic. A key innovative product of the company is BYOS, a small, portable, secure gateway device that plugs into user devices such as laptops through a USB port and isolates, protects and alerts the user in the event of a cyber intrusion. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Srinivas Sampalli


Junhong Li




Computer science





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