Detection of Human Presence/Activity through Radio Frequency Signals with Artificial Intelligence

The goal of this porject is to develop a prototype system for human presence/activity detection through radio frequency signals. There have een some recent promising results reported in the literature regarding such detections through WiFi signals using artificial intelligence-based approaches. The postdoc will focus on reproducing earlier results, then move on to enhance the system to detect some human activities of interest. The partner company would like to design, build and commercialize a line of products based on the developed prototype. Among other applications, one potential application for this product will be the detection of a human falling on the floor which is a useful and relevant service/product in the HealthTech domain.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dongyu Qiu


Sepehr Khodadadi


PatternedScience Inc


Engineering - computer / electrical


Professional, scientific and technical services


Concordia University



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