Determination of Structural Behavior of UHPC Decked-I-Beam

This Mitacs project will develop and determine the structural performance of a novel bridge construction method using precast girders and precast deck slabs made of ultra high-strength and durable concrete. Full-scale tests and computer simulations will be conducted to accomplish the goal of this project. The test data obtained from this study will be analysed to determine the performance and suitability of this beam girder for its use in large-span vehicular road bridges. Such bridge girders and decks, if found successful, will be used to build Canada’s first vehicular road bridge made of ultra high-strength concrete. This will certainly bring Canada into the elite club of building road bridges using high performance concrete. The work will be completed by one doctoral student and one master’s student under the guidance of Dr. S. Das at the University of Windsor and Mr. P. Loh at Facca Incorporated with the help of two experienced lab technicians.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sreekanta Das


Bruno Paini


Facca Incorporated


Engineering - civil


Construction and infrastructure


University of Windsor



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