Determining advantages of electronic detection in high performance liquid chromatography

The interns will spend time in the company lab to build and test proprietary electronic chemical detectors. These will be tested and undergo quality control measures in Universal NanoSensor Technologies’ lab. Once deemed robust, these detectors will then be used concurrently with present art detectors in a real-world, cutting‐edge, applications‐driven setting so that direct comparison can be made. The interns, under the guidance of the supervisor and other students involved in the lab, will perform head‐to‐head tests using both these detectors in place. The results will be analyzed and the findings will be published in scientific journals and presented at conferences. The interns will gain tremendous knowledge of electronic‐based detector manufacturing, problem solving, quality control measures and presentation of data to a target audience. Having acquired firsthand knowledge of the entire process, they will get their “foot‐in‐the door” of UNS – Tech with a potential to be hired by the company. UNS – Tech will benefit by having an opportunity to evaluate its electronic detectors against present art detectors hopefully proving superiority over present art detectors. The supervisor will benefit by having access to cutting‐edge detection technology that will give him distinct advantages over present art detection technology at a fraction of the price.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Mark Lautens


Jeffrey L. Dunford and Brian Lam


Universal NanoSensor Technologies (UNS – Tech)






University of Toronto



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