Determining Impacts of Harvesting on Clam Beds in the Nanoose Bay Recreational Shellfish Reserve

The Nanoose Economic Development Corporation (NEDC) represents the Nanoose First Nation, who harvest clams from the Nanoose Bay Recreational Shellfish Reserve. Clams are a culturally significant food source for the Indigenous peoples in these traditional lands, and the potential overharvesting of clams in this area may impose irreversible negative effects.
By completion of a literature review, in-person surveys and observations, as well as observations from video footage of harvesting from the Shellfish Reserve, this project aims to determine the effects that potential overharvesting may have. The findings may be used to enhance conservation efforts for this culturally and ecologically significant species. This will not only benefit the partner organization, but will benefit the ecosystem in question, and the Indigenous peoples who rely on this species as a food source. If it is found that too much pressure is being placed on the clam beds, the Nanoose First Nation may propose installation of educational signage and advocate for stricter regulation or changes in policy to conserve the species.

Faculty Supervisor:

Pamela Shaw


Celina Fletcher


Nanoose Economic Development Corporation






Vancouver Island University



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