Determining the carbon footprint and lifecycle assessment of magnesium oxychloride cement building materials

The proposed research will involve studying the carbon footprint (i.e. the carbon emissions) involved in the preparation of magnesium oxychloride (MOC) cement materials. MOC cement has been proposed as a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditionally used Portland cement (PC), however many discrepancies arise as there is no work directly comparing their carbon footprints. In addition, the work will determine the lifecycle assessment of MOC cement and PC. The research will provide a comparison between MOC cement and PC which will provide a better understanding of the applications in which MOC can replace PC, allowing for a lower environmental impact material to be more widely used. This will directly benefit the partner organization, MgO Systems, as their current research department is developing sustainable and environmentally friendly made in Canada MOC cement formulations for use in the Canadian market and abroad.

Faculty Supervisor:

Caroline Hachem-Vermette


Alireza Aslani


MgO Systems


Architecture and design



University of Calgary



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